Halloween Pet Names

Halloween Pet Names: The spookiest time of year is coming, and lots of cat and dog owners like including their family members at Halloween fun. Some pet owners keep the vacation excitement going year-round by giving their critters Halloween-inspired names. Which range from cute to spine-tingling, many Halloween-related titles have become popular.

Halloween Pet Names

Halloween Pet Names

In a bid to emphasize this new heritage, Pets Greatest Insurance Services, LLC has assembled the most popular Halloween-themed cat and dog names from its database of guaranteed pets across the U.S. The best Halloween-themed titles, in order of popularity, comprise:

halloween cat names

  • Boo – “I like to sneak up on people.”
  • Candy – The payoff at the end of a long night.
  • Conjure – This puppy seems to appear out of thin air.
  • Coven – This dog prefers to work in a group.
  • Creepy – Something about this puppy just ain’t right – but you love him anyway.
  • Damien – The offspring of Satan in the Omen movies.
  • Demon – This puppy is your naughty angel.
  • Devil – There’s no light in this puppy.
  • Diablo – One evil puppy.
  • Dracula – “My friends call me Vlad.”
  • Evil – “I delight in mischief.”
  • Fangs – A good name for the dog with prominent teeth.
  • Frankenstein – An appropriate name for the big dog that is a mix of different breeds.
  • Freddie – “My claws can be a real nightmare!”
  • Friday – This dog can be wicked on the 13th.
  • Ghost – “Now you see me, now you don’t.”
  • Goblin – This puppy seems to delight in causing mishaps.
  • Halloween – Eat tons of candy, play dress-up, and get scared…what’s not to love?

halloween dog names

  • Haunt – This puppy will never leave your heart.
  • Horror – You might be sorry if you mess with this big guard dog.
  • Igor – Your loyal assistant with a humpback.
  • Jack or Jack O’ Lantern – The dog with the crooked smile.
  • Jason – “I’m rather fond of hockey masks.”
  • Lucifer – “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!”
  • Michael – “I’m rather fond of William Shatner masks.”
  • Midnight – “I don’t get going until 12 O’Clock.”
  • Monster – This puppy is a big brute of a dog.
  • Omen – This puppy represents things to come.
  • Psycho – This dog goes nuts on prowlers.
  • Pumpkin – A good name for your orange colored dog.
  • Reeses – Your brown and black dog would appreciate this name. Maybe not scary, but a Halloween dogs name list is incomplete without candy.
  • Rosemary – Gave birth to Satan’s son in the movie “Rosemary’s Baby.”
  • Salem – Where suspected witches were once burned at the stake.
  • Scary – Not everyone is comfortable around this canine.
  • Scream – This dog resembles the killer from the movie.
  • Slash – “My baby teeth are extra sharp, sorry.”
  • Snickers – This puppy is so satisfying.
  • Spider – “I’m all legs.”
  • Thirteen – “I ain’t superstitious.”
  • Treat – You can’t get enough of this puppy. Halloween dog names don’t have to all be scary.
  • Trick – “I’ll do anything for a treat.”
  • Vampire – “I only come out at night.”
  • Warlock – “I put a spell on you.”
  • Werewolf – A good name for the hound dog that howls at the moon night after night.
  • Wicked – “I’m one BAD DOG.”
  • Witch – This puppy enjoys stirring the pot.
  • Autumn – This puppy loves rolling around in a pile of leaves.
  • Bat – This puppy feels most comfortable in a cave.
  • Beast – One strong and powerful dog.
  • Black or Blackie – An appropriate name for your solid black Lab or other breeds.

If you have any suggestions feel free to comment below I will add the name to the list!  Enjoy & good luck naming your pet.

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