7 Feb to 21 Feb Days List, February Special Days List, Valentine Week List 2019

Valentine Week is near so lovers get ready and have a blast this Valentine. Your lovely partners are eagerly waiting for your sweet surprises. many of you are unaware of the February Special Days List but not to worry dear lovers here you’ll get each and every information On February Special Days For Lovers. Just bookmark this page or share it on Facebook and Google Plus to spread out the loving sparkle on social networks.

Here you’ll get 7 Feb to 21 Feb Days ListValentines Day Week Days Extended Information, ideas for Valentine’s Day and lots more.

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February Special Days List / Valentine Week List 2019

S. No.DateName of The Day
17th FebruaryRose Day
28th FebruaryPropose Day
39th FebruaryChocolate Day
410th FebruaryTeddy Day
511th FebruaryPromise Day
612th FebruaryHug Day
713th FebruaryKiss Day
814th FebruaryValentine’s Day
915th FebruarySlap Day
1016th FebruaryKick Day
1117th FebruaryPerfume Day
1218th FebruaryFlirting Day
1419th FebruaryConfession Day
1520th FebruaryMissing Day
1621th FebruaryBreak Up Day

Rose Day

Rose Day is the best occasion for expressing your love, care and true feelings for someone special. It is always difficult to tell your friend or crush your feelings. We suggest you gift him/her the freshly prepared red rose carrying fresh healthy petals with beautiful fragrance, on this Rose Day 2019. Red color is the symbol of love, care, and affection. She will inhale the fragrance and may feel your love.

Propose Day

A boy or a girl always wish, his/her partner treat him in a special way. No matter is the occasion. Even, many couples do marriage once again, on their 25th anniversary. You can also propose your crush on this special day and tell your secret feelings. Propose day is meant for telling your feelings to whom you love.

As, we know that, love week, also called as the Valentine Week 2019 is just going to start in few days. On, 8th February 2019, propose day is celebrated and this year you can propose your partner in a different way, unique way, that she has never seen, heard or think of. Proposing in public areas, romantic places or in private party is the best of all.

Chocolate Day

Gifting a pack of chocolates, candies, handmade chocolates, dark chocolates, caramel filled chocolates are the best option for your someone special on the special day of Chocolate Day 2019. Chocolate Day is one of the main days of the Valentine Week List 2019. You can greet your wife, a girlfriend with the special pack of chocolates and tell her how much love you have for her. Sweetness in the chocolates would dissolve sweetness in your relationship.

Teddy Day

The fourth day of the Valentine Week list 2019 is occupied by the Teddy Day 2019. Soft toys are one of the girl’s best friend, so don’t forget to greet your love with the beautiful brown Teddy Bear. She would always keep it with her while sleeping at night and this teddy bear will remind her you and your love.

Promise Day

Promise Day is one of the days, all girls are eagerly waiting for. On this day, girls take funny promises from their boyfriend. Frankly, boys too love this day and promise his partner for lifelong love, care, and trust. You can take any promise from your partner and he/she has no chances for refusing as its the Promise Day 2019, the fifth day of Valentines Week.

Hug Day

This day is celebrated in all the countries and among all friends, not only in lovers. Hug Day is a special day on which you can give a tight hug to your partner, lover, best friend or mate and make her feel special. A tight hug can say all the story itself that you care for his/ her happiness. It is believed that more tight is the hug, more is the love.

Kiss Day

It is unlike all other days. You can only kiss your partner and frankly, only the special one. Kiss is the sign of love, affection, and seduction. A kiss binds two bodies and makes it one. It is the day when two souls meet and act as one. So kiss your lover on this Kiss Day 2019 and tell her, how much love you have for him/her.

Valentine’s Day

Finally, the last and the special day of valentines day date sheet or Valentine week list comes. It’s the Valentine’s Day, is celebrated on 14th February. Its the day, whose preparations can be started a few days before the date. All the youngsters, lovers and couples want this day to be perfect and the most memorable. This is the final test, in which you all have to score 100 by any means. Plan a romantic date, take her for a long drive or gift her something big. It’s all up to you. With this day,

Slap Day

The slap day is celebrated the next day of valentine day. There are very few people in the world who understand love. So when things get worse between 2 people, you can slap this day. Although we do not advise to raise hands on anyone.

Kick Day

Come on the second day of romantic and beautiful valentine day kick day Kicking here does not mean that you kick your boyfriend. On Kick Day, you can kick off your relationship with that person who has not understood your love.

Perfume Day

The perfume day comes after slap day and kick day. To give your relationship another chance, you can gift perfume to your partner. Carefully note that perfume suits your lavender’s personality.

Flirting Day

Valentine’s Day will also have gone and your valentine’s fever must have passed. If you have not kick off your partner, then celebrate Flirting Day with a flirt with them on February 18.

Confession Day

Confession Day is celebrated every year on February 19th. By the way, it is very difficult to accept your mistake, but you can confuse yourself on this day. Do not let this day go with your hand and say your heart’s heart.

Missing Day

Remember you guys on this day This is also the last day of this series. The missing day after slap, kick, perfume, flirting and Confession Day On this day you can remember all those who were very special for you but now they are not in your life.

Breakup Day

The last day of the Valentine series is the break-up day. This day is not only for those who break up but also for singles. Celebrate this day as the anti-valentine day also. On this day you can get out of any such relationship, because of which you are worried.

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