Best Valentines Day Greetings Cards Wishes For Husband Wife Partner

Best Valentines Day Greetings Cards Wishes For Husband Wife Partner – Hello, friends, as you all know valentines week, is coming just after few days. This is the love festival for every loving people. This festival is celebrated on 14th Feb in whole around the world. Valentine’s day is also known as Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. So guys today in this article we are sharing with you best valentines day greeting cards. This is a very special day for you which you can’t forget. Celebrate it with your love girlfriend or boyfriend, husband-wife or partner.

The story of Valentine’s Day begins in the third century with an oppressive Roman emperor and a humble Christian Martyr. The emperor was Claudius II.   The Christian was Valentinus. I hope on this Valentine you also got your love so that, why you love sms wishes or greeting for you, maybe a romantic text message or a greeting card with a cute quote will do the work. You just select a quote and send it to him/her via WhatsApp or mobile or using a beautiful greeting card.


Valentines Day Greeting Card Wishes For Husband Wife

  • Dear Husband, your love is special
    It means the world to me
    Your kisses and your hugs
    And all of it comes free
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    If I don’t have a card,
    it’s a divorce for you.
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • Roses are red,
    Violets are Blue
    My love for you
    Is pure and true.
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • Love may come and Love may go
    I sent this card to let you know
    my Love for you will never die
    we’ll be forever You and I
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • You are a
    And much, much more …
    But most of all –
    The sweetest husband in the world.
    Valentine’s day 2019


Valentines Day Wishes For His/ Her

  • I fall deeper in your love with every day that comes to my love, every moment I spend with you feels like a dream and today should be no different.
    I love you.
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • Thank you for the love you have shown
    To me through all the years
    Sharing love and life with me
    Through laughter and through tears
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • It’s Valentine’s Day dear Husband,
    I couldn’t miss the chance,
    Of wishing you love on this special day,
    And putting the sparkle back into romance,
    We’ll share our evening together,
    Perhaps open a bottle of two,
    And I’ll never ever stop declaring,
    My undying love for you!
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • my Husband, my friend, my lover
    have a wonderful Valentine’s day
    from your loving wife
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • I hope that we will never part
    I’ve loved you since we met
    You have a place within my heart
    My love, you won’t regret
    Valentine’s day 2019


Valentines Day SMS Wishes For Partner

  • No valentine card,
    Can hold more love than this
    Because it’s sent out with a hug
    And sealed with a kiss
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • You’re more special to me
    then a world of wealth
    I couldn’t be happy
    with anyone else
    Happy Valentines Day
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • Will you be mine
    My sweet Valentine,
    And live all your life
    With me as your wife,
    With you as my friend
    Right through to the end,
    My one and my only
    I’d never been lonely.
    We’ll spend time together
    Through all kinds of weather,
    And if we’re apart
    You’ll stay in my heart.
    Please, say you’ll be mine
    My sweet Valentine.
    Valentine’s day 2019
  • Your love is brighter than the sun,
    It bathes my heart with light,
    Does it warm the coldest winter?s day,
    And guides me through the night.
    Valentine’s day 2019

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